Dick van Groeningen

In 1985 Dick van Groeningen completed his Nurse Anesthetist study at the Leiden UniversityMedical Center. In clinical practice he developed a special interest in acute medicine and teaching/tutoring. This led to an assignment as Coordinator Resuscitation in the Slotervaart

Hospital in Amsterdam and setting up Basic and Advanced Life Support courses. In 1993 he was invited to join dr. Rudy Koster in the Department of Cardiology of the AMC University Medical Center to employ his teaching talents in ACLS team training. Building on this experience he incented and developed multi disciplinary ACLS training at the Department of

Anesthesiology in the VU University Medical Center as a part of the curriculum of the residents at request of professor Jaap de Lange and running it for over 10 years as course director. He combined this with clinical work in the OR and being Secretary of the Resuscitation Committee of this hospital. This multi disciplinary training already contained a

lot of features later to be defined as CRM training. It therefore was a logical step to team up with anesthesiologist dr. Ralf Krage in setting up the ADAM Simulation Center in 2007. Technical issues are his main focus. In this Simulation Center he was part of the team that developed all kinds of training in CRM, Anesthesiology Skills and Difficult Airway Management. One of the courses that stands out is the Simulator-based Airway Management Training (SAMT) that is organized in Amsterdam 3 times every year. Research is part of his job as well as sharing knowledge through national and international conferences and courses in cooperation with SSiH, DSSH, SESAM and ESA.

Next to music, SCUBA diving and underwater photography are some of his off time interests.