Edzard Boland

Edzard Boland – National Aerospace Laboratory

Sometimes it takes a while to realise your hobby is not just your hobby; it actually is your passion and in this case it is aviation. Six years after getting a private pilot license in 1996, I finally made the decision to start an MSc in Aviation Human Factors at Cranfield University.

After working for the University as a research assistant I started working with the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 2005 as a Human Factors Specialist. Main working areas included; Crew Resource Management (CRM) training design and delivery, pilot and air traffic controller selection and fatigue research. In cooperation with the Order of Medical Specialists I was involved in a pilot which provided CRM training to Emergency Room personnel in two hospitals in The Hague. In 2008 I moved to the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR where I work as a training and human factors specialist in the department of Training, Simulation and Operator Performance. Research areas include performance-based training, instructor competencies and cognitive performance improvement.

Even though the medical is world is not the aviation world, many similarities exist. Both worlds are inhabited by passionate professionals that have to perform in a high risk environment. Lives are at stake if performance is compromised. I try to contribute to the improvement of the performance of these professionals.