Q: Are the courses accredited?
A: Accreditation by Netherlands Society of Anesthesiology and Netherlands Society of Intensive Care

Q: What is the main language of the courses?
A: Most courses will be in Dutch or English, sometimes in German or Arab

Q: How can I enroll for a course?
A: Please fill in the contact form, register for your course and we will send you details per e-mail

Q: Can I contact the Airway Management Academy by phone?
A: Yes, please see the contact section

Q: How can I support or collaborate with the Airway Management Academy?
A: Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you

Q: How can I pay for my course?
A: Please fill in the contact form and we will send you the details

Q: Where are the courses organized?
A: The courses are organized in Amsterdam or other cities in The Netherlands and in Bern Inselspital Switzerland and Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha Qatar, during medical conferences or on site at hospitals around the world

Q: Is the educational content of the Airway Management Academy open access?
A: Yes, most of our digital content is open access, for more information visit creative commons website