Airway Management

Airway management can be defined as the medical techniques and treatments that are required to protect or establish an open connection between the lungs and the outside world to ensure oxygenation and prevent aspiration. Without oxygen all body functions cease in short time.

Complications during airway management can lead to severe morbidity and mortality.The Airway Management Academy was founded in 2013. It is organized on a non profit base.



The aim of the Airway Management Academy is to increase global patient safety during airway management.


Training courses 

We organize basic and advanced training courses for medical and paramedical professionals involved in routine and emergency airway management procedures. The Airway Management Academy can provide training for all levels of expertise for health care professionals treating patients in the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency department, ambulance, airmedical environment or prehospital. Many courses are organized each year focussing on technical skills, communication, situational awareness, crew resource management training and use and implementation of novel airway management equipment. Most courses are in Dutch or English. Courses in German will be given on request. In close collaboration with the Department of Anesthesiology of VUmc in Amsterdam airway management skills can be practised in a state-of-the art full scale simulation training facility.



The tutors, advisors and friends of the Airway Management Academy are airway management experts from various disciplines being active in patient care, teaching, research and innovation.


Collaboration and support

The Airway Management Academy is supported by national and international academic partners and major corporate leaders in the field of airway management that supply unrestricted educational grants and equipment support.