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At request courses can also be organized at your institution so you can train in your own environment with your own equipment and team.

Course languages: Dutch, English or German

  • Awake flexible optical intubation
  • Airway management, the basics
  • Airmedical transport and airway management
  • Airway management core skills for emergency physicians
  • Airway management for tracheal stenting procedures
  • Airway management in the intensive care unit
  • Airway management in remote locations
  • Airway management for paramedics
  • Airway management core skills for pulmonary physicians
  • Airway management in head and neck cancer patients
  • Airway management in trauma patients
  • Airway management for emergency obstetric procedures
  • Airway management core skills for ENT surgeons
  • Airway rescue
  • Camera in tube intubation techniques (CITI)
  • Cannot intubate cannot oxygenate scenarios
  • Clinical case scenario discussions
  • Complications in airway management and how to prevent them
  • Crew resource management during airway management crisis
  • Difficult airway recognition and intubation strategies
  • Difficult airway trolleys, the do’s and don’ts
  • Difficult airway algorithm implementation at your hospital
  • Emergency ventilation and oxygenation
  • Head and neck radiology course for dummies
  • How to work effectively under extreme time pressure
  • Lung isolation techniques
  • Paediatric airway management
  • Pre hospital airway management
  • Pharmacology and choice of medication for airway management
  • Situational awareness during airway management
  • Surgical airway
  • Supraglottic airways including intubating laryngeal mask airway
  • Upper airway anatomy and upper airway analgesia
  • Videolaryngoscopy
Most courses will be given in small groups of 10-20 persons and will last 3 hours up to one full day.