Ludmilla Garmers


2003-2008 specialization anesthesiology, VUmc Amsterdam

1992-1999 Medicine, AMC, Amsterdam

1991-1992 Medical Information Science), AMC, Amsterdam

1989-1995 Dutch law, University of Utrecht

1983-1989 VWO, Radulphus Academy, Curacao, NA


Work experience


2010- staff anesthesiologist MCA, Alkmaar

Additional tasks:

Anesthesiagroup, chairwoman

Resuscitation committee, chairwoman

Education committee, member

TaskforceTOP2012, member


2008 staff anesthesiologist VUmc Amsterdam

Additional tasks:

HEMS doctor, mobile medical team Lifeliner 1

ADAM: simulation Amsterdam, member and coordinator of MMT- education

Education Commission anesthesiology department

committee  support and mentoring intern anesthesiology

committee of neuro-anesthesia VUMC

former functions

2003-2008 intern anesthesiology, VUmc Amsterdam

1999-2002 intern cardiothoracic surgery, OLVG, Amsterdam

1999-2002 GG & GD Amsterdam forensic medicine


International Internschips

1998 Surgery and Emergency Medicine, Pretoria, South Africa

1995 Ambulance service Curaçao


Other functions


2012- arbitrator “Scheidsgerecht”  ( dutch medical arbitrator court)

2012 organizing committee expert panel IMSH

2011-2012 scientic reviewer IMSH

2010- Foreest Medical School, simulation coordinator

2010- Education Committee Anaesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, MCA Alkmaar

2010  Legal  Commission Dutch Society of Anaesthesia,  Member

2009-2010Dutch Society of Anaestesia Simulationgroup , Member

2007- Amsterdam simulation group, instructor

2006-2009 Child intensive care VUmc Mobile team

2006-2008 Representative anesthesiology interns VUmc

2005-2008 Education Committee VUmc, member

1999-2001 researchers connection Amsterdam, President

1999-2001 research in cardiovascular surgery  OLVG


Oral presentations:

2007- different oral presentations on simulation and patient safety ( ESA, IMSH, DSSH, SESAM)



Dutch society of anesthesiologists

SAMT- Simulation applied Airway management

ADAM- Vu Simulation group

ESA- European society of anesthesia

SSH- Society of simulation in healthcare

DSSH- Dutch Society of Simulation in Healthcare

SESAM- European society of simulation in healthcare