Airway Management Academy


A non-profit global network of inspiring airway educators

Our aim is to increase patient safety during airway management 











Airway management can be defined as the medical techniques and treatments that are required to protect or establish an open connection between the lungs and the outside world to ensure oxygenation and prevent aspiration. Without oxygen all body functions cease in short time. Complications during airway management can lead to severe morbidity and mortality.

The aim of the Airway Management Academy is to increase global patient safety during airway management. We organise non-profit airway management and patient safety courses.

We support international charity projects and global initiatives focusing on airway management and patient safety.


We organise non-profit basic and advanced airway management and simulation training courses for medical and paramedical professionals involved in routine and emergency airway management procedures

Training Courses


We are involved in national and international airway management research projects



You can discuss all your airway management ideas with us. We work fast and are used to out-of-the-box thinking



We make educational videos, e-books, medical apps and  presentations for conferences. Just let us know what you need, we can activate our network to help you.


“The challenge is to pass on the expertise and the intuition of the few into the clinical practise of all” 

Airway Triage App can be used on your mobile phone or tablet for airway assessment. With two checklists you can triage the airway of your patient and find complexity factors that increase the risk at complications. This will prevent unanticipated challenging airway situations. Available in the app stores.



International Airway Management conferences