We can help companies, start-ups, hospitals, medical professionals or universities with product and protocol development or organise in-company training to increase patient safety


Recent projects

Evaluation of medical equipment

Faculty of the Airway Management Academy can assist with clinical evaluation of innovative medical devices and equipment. Good examples of our work are the Vivasight camera double lumen tubes which was evaluated in an international prospective multicenter study at several hospitals, or the implementation of high flow nasal oxygen devices for different procedures and clinical environments.



The global network of expert airway educators and researchers has experience in all aspects of airway management.If you need help with your airway management idea or research project just reach out and discuss your ideas with us. You can learn from us, and we will learn from you. And if we do not know the answer, we will connect you to someone who does.


Our international group has the aim to increase patient safety during airway management

Our courses are supported by companies that have the highest standards and quality


Our team can assist you with airway management advise regarding development and implementation of novel airway management devices and techniques


Evaluation of airway assessment methods, testing of videolaryngoscopes, experimenting with hybrid intubation techniques, developement and implementation of patient safety checklists, assistance with scientific review board protocols

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