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Evaluation of Medical Equipment

Airway Complications Studies

Airway Assessment and Airway Triage App

Evaluation of medical equipment

Faculty of the Airway Management Academy can assist with clinical evaluation of innovative medical devices and equipment. A good example is the Vivasight camera double lumen tube which was evaluated in an international prospective multicenter study at 4 hospitals.

Our faculty is involved in invention and testing of innovative airway management devices and techniques.

We also do prospective international multicenter studies and implement tools that can prevent airway management complications.

Name it, and we think we have done it, are doing it or know someone who has done it. 

Airway complications studies

A mini NAP4 studie was designed to study minor and major airway management complications. The results were published in Anaesthesia journal. After the Amsterdam study, our collaborators in Bern Switzerland were able to repeat the study at Insel Spital.

After the first cohort of patients was studied, several improvements and procederal changes were made at the department of anaesthesia and after 12 months it was proven that these changes reduced the incidence of complications. These results were published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Airway assessment and Airway Triage App

We have developed a novel airway assessment approach. With the two checklists a better risk assessment can be done. An editorial was published in Anaesthesia and the method was used to develop and publish Airway Triage App.

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