Advanced Airway Management course (AIOS anesthesiologie) #AAF23

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Course instructors

dr James DuCanto, prof dr Ross Hofmeyer, Dave Olveira, Carmine Della Vella, Dr Johannes  Huitink,

This advanced airway course with reduced registration fee can only be booked by trainee anesthesiologists  from University Medical Centers in the Netherlands



Date: 10 + 11 June
Number of participants: 9, simultaneously with the OLYMPIC SALAD ADVANCED AIRWAY COURSE

Time: 10.00 - 1600
Course duration:  2 days

The participants will learn how to  transfer CRM and airway skills from training to clinical practise during this course.

Topics: airway triage, airway rescue techniques, CRM techniques, startle and surprise,  clinical cases, advanced airway management techniques,

Location: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam

Target audience: trainee anesthesiologists (AIOS)

Learning objectives:

  • The participant will learn crew resource management techniques
  • The participant will learn techniques that are useful during team work and clinical situation of airway crisis
  • The participant will learn airway rescue techniques in adults and the paediatric population
  • The participant will learn how to react to startle and surprise situations

This is a small group hands-on international interactive training course using anatomical, non- anatomical and (virtual) simulation teaching techniques.

Venue: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam
Language: English
Accreditation: requested






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