Pre hospital airway management #AAF24

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Specialist anesthesiologists or AIOS / trainees, intensivists (fellows), paramedics, emergency physicians (trainees

Date: 10 June 2024
Number of participants:  max 20

Time: 10.00 - 1600
Course duration: 6 hours

Target audience: specialist anesthesiologists or AIOS / trainees, intensivists, paramedics, HEMS emergency physicians

Learning objectives:

  • The participant will learn prehospital airway management techniques
  • The participant will learn techniques that are useful during team work in a clinical situation of prehospital airway crisis
  • The participant will learn airway rescue techniques
  • The participant will learn how to react in startle and surprise situations

This is an hands-on international interactive training course using anatomical, non- anatomical and (virtual) simulation teaching techniques.

The faculty are among worlds best prehospital airway clinicians and teachers, coming from South-Africa, Switzerland, USA and Australia working at the leading HEMS organizations

Costs:  € 575,- including VAT tax and catering
Venue: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam
Language: English
Accreditation: requested

This course is part of Amsterdam Airway Festival 2024

After registration you will receive confirmation and 1 week before  the start of the course you will receive additional information via e-mail..


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