Airway Triple T (teach, tutor, train) course Amsterdam #AAF24

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Target group: specialist anesthesiologists, intensivists, emergency physicians, paramedics and trainees with a minimum of 3 years airway management experience

Date: 9 June 2024
Number of participants: 14

Time: 0900- 17.00 hours

Teach, Tutor and Train : T3 AIRWAY COURSE

The vision of the organisers of the  Airway T3 course is to increase the teaching competences of clinical airway teachers in airway skills and human factors teaching,

Teaching and tutoring an airway course is a crucial endeavor in the field of medical education. This specialized training equips healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to manage and maintain a patient's airway, a fundamental aspect of patient care. Through hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, and theoretical discussions, instructors guide learners in understanding various airway management techniques, intubation procedures, teaching techniques and equipment usage.
Tutors play a pivotal role in providing personalized guidance, answering questions, and helping participants overcome challenges. The course emphasizes the importance of clear communication, teamwork, human factors and adaptability in high-pressure situations. Educators also delve into the nuances of patient assessment, anatomy, and potential complications, teaching techniques fostering a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond mere procedural knowledge.
Ultimately, teaching and tutoring in an airway course contribute to enhancing patient safety and healthcare quality. By imparting critical skills and instilling confidence in learners, educators empower healthcare providers to handle airway-related emergencies with competence and composure.

Airway management has several phases, your personal training, the teaching part and becoming a mentor for others (tutoring). Its all about team performance and patient safety. Airway management is one of the core competencies in anesthesiology, critical care and emergency medicine. These skills are hard to teach through books or lectures. Personnel in the critical care area mostly teach the establishment of a patent airway in busy clinical environment of patient encounters very often without formal teaching programs for these clinical airway teachers. Airway Management Academy created the T3-course to fill in the gap, to teach clinicians, and to promote modern didactic in airway management training. Most airway teaching occurs during clinical patient care, but also during structured airway management courses. Airway Triple T will address that too.The T3 course follows modern didactic principles. The flipped classroom concept provides time for preparation and acquisition of knowledge on teaching. An e-learning part was added facilitation participation of a broad audience and reducing needed on-site teaching. On-site learning is dedicated to practice, discussion, rehearsal, and collegial exchange in small groups and plenary discussions. Essential is the transfer of learned into the participants’ teaching practice. Post-course assignment will foster that and leads to achieve the goals to receive the certificate. The course program covers the general structure of an airway teaching session, the organization of airway courses and sessions, approach to adult learning, facilitation of motivating learners, teaching of complex psychomotor skills and human factors, debriefing, effective feedback and assessment, feedback, and debriefing of learners during airway management teaching. Pre-course reading, e-learning and post-course assignments deepens the learning success. The T3 Faculty are experienced airway teacher specially trained in education.

This is a 1-day course with hybrid pre-course preparation.  Course includes pre-course reading and post course feedback.

Course language: English, active and passive command of English is necessary to be able to do this course

Target audience: specialist anesthesiologists, intensivists and emergency physicians or senior trainees with advanced airway management skills.

Learning objectives: the student will learn how to organise and teach at an airway management course. More learning objectives are available on the website (Education page)

This is an hands-on training course with international airway management faculty using adult learning techniques and principles.

Costs:  575,- euro including VAT and catering. This course will be organised during Amsterdam Airway Festival 2024 so there may be extra activities that are also included

Venue: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam

Language: English



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