Airway Bootcamp

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This is a team training so you can sign up with your team or multiple teams. The course has 6-8 available seats.

Target audience: teams of specialist anesthesiologists and/or AIOS / trainees, intensivists, pulmonologists, head neck surgeons,  emergency physicians and nurse anaesthetists, ICU nurses, ODP’s.


The participating teams will learn CRM and airway rescue techniques, discuss clinical scenarios, do simulation sessions and learn how to collaborate better as a team. We will also focus on deliberate practise and repetitive training.  Including emergency front of neck airway (needle and surgical techniques), time pressured scenario training, ventrain emergency ventilation, high flow oxygen techniques and hybrid intubation techniques.

Date: TBA, we can customise this course to your needs

This is a team training course.

Learning objectives:

  • The participant will learn several techniques for airway rescue
  • The teams will perform airway management procedures in a simulated environment and train as a team
  • The teams will learn CRM principles and learn how to triage airways, make a strategy and make team performance better.
  • The team can transfer skills learned during this course to clinical practise

This is an hands-on training using anatomical, non- anatomical and (virtual) simulation teaching devices.

Costs:  € 695,- including catering and VAT tax
Venue: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam or Beurs van Berlage Conference Center Amsterdam
Language: Dutch, English or German
Accreditation: requested