Seconds before disaster

Interactive airway management case discussions presented by the experts of the Airway Management Academy


December 2013 VUmc

April 2014 Kennemer Gasthuis Haarlem

Octobre 2014, OK dagen Veldhoven

January 2015, Bern, Switserland

January 2016 Doha, Qatar

June 2018: Guys Airway Management Course,  London


Next course 11 January 2019 during Resus.NL at OBA Amsterdam


For anesthesiologists, intensivists, ENT specialists, pulmonologists, emergency physicians, paediatricians, ICU, PACU, emergency nurses, pararmedics, nurse anesthetists and physician assistants


Costs: none, on invitation


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Come, share, interact and learn in a safe environment to improve patient safety.



Accreditation NVA, NIV (NVIC), KNMG-SEH: 3 hours